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    Effective April 15th through July 30th, Moog will offer customers a $100 instant rebate on purchase of the Moog Sub Phatty from participating Moog Authorized Dealers... like us!! Email us for the new price.

  • We are now Critter and Guitari dealers...

    If you are not familiar with their amazing line of pocket keyboards, drum machines and video gear, check their website here...

    Click here for our prices...

  • Our First Elektron Analog Keys Has Arrived!

    The Analog Keys is a flagship analog synthesizer. Analog synthesis, digital controls, and unprecedented playability make it an instrument for the expressive musician.

    Premium analog synthesizer

    The Analog Keys is a four voice polyphonic analog synthesizer, capable of generating the finest basslines, chords, leads, and sounds imaginable. The warm and deep tone represents the pinnacle of analog synthesis and the acclaimed Elektron sequencer stands ready to arrange and warp the analog sounds in real-time. Complete the experience by treating the four voices with incredibly well-crafted master effects. A new world of sounds awaits.

    Performance optimized

    The Analog Keys is tailor-made for the stage. The 37 semi-weighted keys of the keyboard give instant fingertip control of the analog tones. The special performance mode offers direct access to user-defined parameters, and the joystick, capable of controlling up to fifteen parameters, allows for extreme morphing of sounds. Improvising when playing live has never been this easy.

    Heart of the rig

    Compatibility with other instruments is well catered for. Simply press a button to transform the Analog Keys into a MIDI keyboard, ready to control external MIDI gear. Thanks to the dedicated CV sequencer and the CV/Gate and DIN sync outputs, analog instruments of both today and yesteryear can be played, sequenced, and controlled with precision. Use the multitude of control options to breathe new life in vintage and modern rigs alike.
  • Moog Spring Price Breaks...

    Price reductions for Moog Slim Phatty and Minataur until end of June Email us for the new and attractive price.

  • Announcing the Elektron Analog Rytm...

    Elektron's hot new drum synth coming soon. Estimated MAP is $1549 but, of course, we'll be selling it for less.
    image of Elektron-Analog-Rytm
    • 8 drum voices, each with:
    • Specialized analog percussion sound generator.
    • Sample playback.
    • Analog multimode filter.
    • Analog distortion.
    • 12 velocity & pressure sensitive pads
    • Analog master compressor & distortion
    • Reverb & Delay send FX
    • World class Elektron step sequencer
    • Chromatic, Performance, and Scene modes
    • Performance oriented beat control
    • Individual voice outputs

    Check it out on the Elektron website...

  • News From Pioneer - DDJ-SZ and RMX-500

    Pioneer DJ's DDJ-SZ and RMX-500
    *Pioneer's first truly professional size DJ Controller for Serato *DJ Equipped with Full CDJ size jog wheels at 8.1 inches *Professional stand-alone 4-channel Mixer with onboard effects (mimics the DJM series) *16 Multi-Color illuminated, velocity sensitive Performance Pads *Dual USB Ports for transitioning two DJs or use as an additional music source *DVS supported for use with external players *Hi Performance "MAGVEL" Cross Fader MAP $1999 Available: March 2014 RMX-500 Remix Station *More affordable and simpler design of the Professional RMX-1000 *3 Effect sections including Rhythm FX, Scene FX, and Release FX *Industry's 1st "Pressure Controller" knobs for further effect alterations *Includes Remixbox VST/AU/RTAS plug-in software *Perfect add-on effector for most DJ setups *Compatible on Pioneer's T-U101 "X-Stand" MAP $399 Available: February 2014 DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND, THE POPULAR DDJ-SX PEARL WHITE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA Pioneer’s DDJ-SX-W DJ controller utilizes Serato DJ software as the basis for its control layout and ergonomic design, taking advantage of the software’s features and integrating special trigger pads and controls. Pioneer has also implemented larger jog wheels for precise mixing and scratching, multiple inputs for expandability, and 4-channel mixing flexibility. Mixing with Serato. List: $ 1,199.00 MAP: $999.00 End Users can receive a $100 Mail-In Rebate when purchasing a Pioneer CDJ-850 (silver); a $250 Mail-In Rebate when purchasing a Pioneer DJM-850-S (silver), DJM-850-K (black), or a $600 Mail-In Rebate when purchasing a Pioneer complete RIG Special (2x CDJ-850 silver, 1x DJM-850 any color) until January 31, 2014. Receive a FREE X-Stand T-U101 when purchasing an RMX-1000 or RMX-1000-W until January 31, 2014

  • Dave Smith Announces Prophet 12 Module

    DSI will be shipping a compact desktop/rackmountable version of the awesome Prophet 12 keyboard in January. Projected MAP of $2,199 - which you might actually have to pay, if you're not smart enough to buy it from us!

    Check out the nice demo video Dave put together...

  • Dave Smith Announces Mopho SE

    The Mopho SE (special edition) sports an expanded, full-sized, 44-note, semi-weighted keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. Shipping by the end of October at a projected MAP of $949 - but of course you'll get the best price possible when buying it from us! Check it out on the DSI website...

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  • Mooer Pedals in stock

    Half size pedals doing the job of pedals twice their size, we have them, $88 each!!

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