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Repair department pic

As a dealer in a very large amount of used musical equipment, it goes without saying that technical excellence in our repair department is crucial to us.

We have to inspect everything we buy and make sure it's in perfect working order before it goes out to customers. Our 90 day warranty is proof of the confidence we have in our technicians being the best.

We have recently revamped our repair department to handle a larger volume of repairs and become more customer friendly. We have two energetic and highly experienced technicians working for us.

Al Braun is the head of the repair department. Al has an extensive background in guitar amps, but can handle anything you can throw at him.

• The charge for repairs is $72 per hour.

• A $20 non-refundable deposit is required for an estimate, which is deducted from the final bill if the item is fixed.

• We are authorized by Akai, Tascam, Yamaha, Korg, Roland and many other manufacturers.

• We sell replacement speaker kits for Yamaha NS10M monitors for $109.

• Add a 250 meg internal Zip drive to your MPC2000XL for $129.

• SIMM chips for all kinds of gear are in stock.

Email us any repair questions.