Selling Your Gear

Rogue Music can accept your used gear in three ways:

  • • buying it outright for cash
  • • taking it in trade towards a purchase of new or used items from us
  • • on consignment where we act as your sales agent.

In all cases you must call or email us for a price quote, and the gear in question must be inspected by our technicians.

Trade Ins

Trade-in prices are usually higher than cash prices. For a trade in towards either new or used gear we can often work the numbers out for a very favorable deal. Details are similar to those for cash sale so please read on.

Cash Sale

First, DO NOT send or bring gear into the store without calling or emailing us first. We pay fair prices on gear depending on condition, market demand, and whether we have one (or two!) already in the store.

Your gear must be reasonably clean and functional and will be inspected by our technicians to ensure we can offer our 90 day warranty to the new owner.

In some cases we will buy gear that needs minor repairs, but this also depends on availability of parts. Be aware that not only condition, but including the original manual and accessories (especially important ones that came with the unit when new) all effect the price we will pay.

Packing and shipping are so important that we have a separate page for them. You should read it even if you're sending gear somewhere else.


We are happy to accept your clean, operational gear for consignment at a fair market price. After receiving our approval you can bring it in or ship it to us. We will advertise it and sell it. The buyer has seven days to make sure the gear is working properly, after which we consider the sale final and you will be paid. Our commision is calculated according to the fee schedule below.

If an item is unsold after 30 days we may, at our option, lower the asking price 10%. After 60 days we have the option to lower it another 15%. After 90 days, another 15%, and after 120 days we have the option to lower it to whatever we deem reasonable. We will attempt to notify you by telephone before doing this. You can remove your gear at any time (unless we're holding a deposit).

Consignment Fees
(per item)
Sell PriceFee
$000 - $499.9925%
$500 - $999.9920%
$1,000 - $1,599.9915%
$1,600 - $2,999.9912.5%
$3,000 and up10%

Email Us For a Price Quote Or Further Information